Something to remember them by

We're sure any pet lover would agree when we say our pets are as much a part of the family as people. To lose as pet is devastating, but their memories can live on in the things around us - our photos, their old belongings and now their own portrait.

Our custom portraits are the perfect dog memorial (or cat memorial) for your pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge as they say. Unique, personal and made to last a lifetime, we hand illustrate your pet as you remember them from just a photograph.

There is nothing more rewarding than being told by our customers that our portraits have filled a void their pet left behind. To be told the house didn’t feel the same, but now they have something that brings a smile to their face or their children finally have something to remember them by. 

With pet memorials, photos are often more limited, especially from times before camera phones but we are yet to receive one we can’t work with and we do love a challenge!

It's a sad reminder to us that life is too short and theirs are unfortunately even shorter. So spend lots of time with your pets while you can, take lots of photos, and when the time comes, keep those little things that will continue to bring you comfort and joy.